About Us

BloomCheckSleeveBloomCheck was created to better represent the sustainable efforts of our farms in the United States. The program establishes best practices for domestic flower and greens farms to provide a third-party guarantee that the high standards of domestic production practices and requirements are being met.

To ensure rigor and objectivity, BloomCheck is managed by one organization, its standards are developed by a second organization and accreditation and audits are conducted by a third.

SureHarvest is an agricultural firm that provides sustainability solutions for growers and agrifood companies and is responsible for developing the standards for BloomCheck. SureHarvest collaborates with clients to design and operate world-class sustainability programs.

Protected Harvest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Soquel, California, with the principal mission to advance use and adoption of quantifiable sustainable agriculture standards. Protected Harvest functions first and foremost as an independent certifier, but also conducts reviews of standards developed by industry-leading organizations, to provide third-party validation and confirm they are based on sound science and designed to promote continuous improvement. The Protected Harvest Board of Directors is comprised of a diverse group of representatives from prominent environmental NGOs, agricultural experts, scientists, and marketing experts.